You ______ Me

Classes, meals, meetings, jobs, homework, phone calls home, YouTube, Facebook, scheduling and snoozing are just a few demands on college students’ time. Some of these activities often overlap. With this plethora of tasks, where is the stress relief?

Ramona Sudbeck has found relief in her music. Ramona is an R.A. in the building I live in, and I noticed her jamming with some other people in the lobby after I came back from class one night. Their music ricocheted off the walls and tackled me with such force that I knew she would be a worthy subject for my upcoming project.

I woke up early (for a Saturday) to interview Ramona and take pictures of her in her room. I was wary of this because a college dorm room is a potentially boring atmosphere. But with the light streaming through her one window and the array of fascinating objects in her room, I was pleasantly surprised.

I accompanied Ramona and her friends to the local orchard later that day, then took pictures of her and her band playing together a few nights later. I wish I had a clip of the band on this video too, but I didn’t have a recorder with me at the time. They were great to watch and listen to. Very passionate people.

Ramona has some words of wisdom near the end of the video, but her words also capture her personality. I only hope a 2:15 video did her justice.


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