Sometimes when I get bored, I like to get out my camera, play with the lighting in the room and take pictures of myself. Granted, some may see this as evidence of vanity (perhaps they are not far from the truth), but I like to think of it as practicing what I can do with lighting, using the only human subject available at the moment.

When I took this, I was actually working on homework at my desk. I have a makeup mirror that sits at the back of my desk. My own eyes were peeking at me over the top of my computer screen, and I noticed the interesting lighting the desk lamp and screen were casting.

Naturally (I say “naturally” only because I suppose legitmate photographers would drop everything to get a desired shot), I closed my laptop, putting my homework on hold for a minute, and snapped some photos.

The picture above was not my first, second or even third attempt. The computer’s glow made me look like a Smurf, and no light made me blend in with my wardrobe and 101 Greatest Movie Quotes poster. I pulled the camera in tighter, flipped the desk lamp back on and tried to position my head in such a way that the light could catch my eyes and make them shine.

I’m still working on making pictures look good, but I hope I’m at least better than I was two years ago.


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