Keeping Up With Them

People like to say that one person can make a difference, but we often fail to believe it. Noah Jones and his family have proved us wrong.

Noah, a mature and selfless 12-year-old boy, went beyond resolving to accept and love the foster children that would come into his parents’ care when Sara and Nathan Jones became foster parents a few years ago. Upon hearing that children’s removal from their home is often so chaotic that they can only bring a few belongings in a trash bag to their foster home (if they can bring anything at all), Noah said he felt this was wrong and started the organization A Case for Dignity. This organization’s purpose is to collect already prepared backpacks for children entering the foster care system.

The Joneses said they were behind Noah and have all joined to take on this project as a family. In addition to Noah, Sara and Nathan Jones have two daughters, Macy and Molly, and are currently fostering two young children in their Bowling Green, Ky. home.

With a full house and other demands, Sara Jones said that there have been times when the massive influx of bags has been overwhelming. But when she begins to get stressed out, Sara said she looks at each bag as if it were a child, and that helps alleviate her stress.

A Case for Dignity was born out of love, and it is in love that the Jones family dwells. Sara Jones said her family believes that they “are adopted children of God” and feel they have no choice but or greater desire than to reciprocate that love by spreading it to others.

[Due to regulations in the state of Kentucky, the Joneses’ foster children’s faces are not shown in this video. For more information on A Case for Dignity or how you can help, “Like” A Case for Dignity on Facebook.]


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