Alphabet Series: (Special) K

Day Eleven: (Special) K

I couldn’t really think of anything to describe myself that begins with K, but I recall eating a lot of Special K cereal (Chocolatey Delight, to be exact) when I was single because it wasn’t a big meal and helped me lose a little weight.

As I’ve discussed before, weight has long been a big issue for me – and maybe always will be – but I think it was perhaps a bigger issue before I got to know Cory. Sometimes, my daily meals consisted of a granola bar for breakfast, a spinach and bell pepper salad for lunch and a bowl of Special K Chocolatey Delight for dinner. Not exactly completely nutritious, but I thought it would get me skinny quickly. And it usually did.

If I were to only eat Special K for dinner every night now, Cory would probably knock the bowl out of my hand and take me to Five Guys. Sure, I still struggle with the way I look and the number on the scale, but I no longer feel beholden to a strict diet of Special K.

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