Writing Habits Tag

This tag comes from Fallon Willoughby!

Writer Habits

Where do you like to write:

When inspiration strikes at work, I get down a little bit in a notebook at my desk. Otherwise, I sit on my couch at home.

What program do you like to write with:

The ol’ Pencil and Notebook Program. (Microsoft Word to transcribe everything.)

What is your current writing project:

A suspenseful short story told from three characters’ perspectives, based on a hometown legend I heard in my childhood.

Have you ever finished a novel? If so, when and what was it about?

Nope. Every story I used to start writing had the intention of a novel attached to it, but I’ve learned to start cutting my teeth on short stories. Maybe I’ll get to that novel someday.

What was the last project you completed:

I’ll shamefully admit that I completed my last project more months ago than I can remember (February, maybe?), but it was a short story about an aging rock star dealing with waning popularity.

Do you snack when you write:

Yes, but I stop writing when I snack. Apparently my desires lie with stuffing food in my mouth with two hands, leaving no mechanism with which to write.

When is your favorite time to write:

I have no preference. When it’s time, it’s time.

What music do you listen to when you write:

I can’t concentrate with music playing. Never have been able to. Music is reserved for the car, workouts, getting ready in the morning and cleaning days.

How long have you been writing, and what inspired you – basically, why do you keep this habit of writing up:

I’ve been writing since I was in first or second grade, but fourth grade was when I really fell in love with the skill. I keep it up because it’s the only thing I can do, quite honestly. Unless there’s a sudden surge of jobs calling for people who can quote movie trivia all day.

I tag Amir H. Ghazi and any of my author friends who are reading this!


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