Writers helping writers

Jennifer over at Young and Twenty was kind enough to invite me to be a guest writer for her community project, BEING Young and Twenty. Her prompt is simple, yet complex to each one of us: what does being young and 20 mean to you?

If you’re curious, you can check out my post here. Some other cool people have written posts about what being young and 20 means from their perspective, so don’t forget to peruse the rest of her blog!

*ALSO!* In that same vein, I’m still accepting guest posts from any of you out there who want another (or your first) platform to express yourself. I’d like to keep the focus on body image and self-esteem, but if you feel a burning desire to write about something else, this gal won’t turn you away! I’m just a writer who wants to help other writers.

Happy writing!


4 Replies to “Writers helping writers”

      1. I’ll think about how I can spin a body issue into a post. It’s not my normal writing style, but how could I call myself a writer if I couldn’t figure out a new style, right? I’ll put some thought into it and let you know!

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