Wedding planning: The search for the reception venue

It’s happening, folks. Full-blown wedding planning.


Just kidding.

Sort of.

This past weekend, I traveled back to my hometown of Paducah, Ky., the location of Cory’s and my wedding. I had three objectives: get fitted for – and order – my wedding dress, measure my grandparents’ barn (the exact location for the wedding) for decorating purposes and visit two potential reception venues.

As my mom and I pulled into the bridal shop parking lot Saturday morning, I saw I had a message on Facebook regarding a venue I had wanted to see, asking me if I could come at 11 a.m. It was then 9:55 a.m., and I was afraid I wouldn’t be done with my fitting in time. Fortunately, we discovered we’d be able to make it, and I took advantage of their offer to show me the place.

After a quick lunch with my aunt, the three of us went out to the barn. One of us stayed in the car because one of us is scared of birds and the barn was overrun with barn swallows.

Basically. Except me in a white dress.

I’m just praying that the birds are scared enough of people that they’ll stay away while there’s wedding activity going on next June. Otherwise I’m going to make my dad sprint down the aisle with me.

Sunday morning began with another venue tour before church, followed by lunch and another venue tour. Because my parents are in the middle of building a house right now, I thought my dad was going to have a stroke when I told him how much venues cost, not to mention the cost of chairs and a tent for the wedding, which will be outside.

After throwing multiple possibilities (including using hay bales instead of chairs for the wedding) into the proverbial ring and watching them spar with each other, the reality hit – for the first time – that a wedding is not cheap. I became so exasperated and worried that when I gave Cory the rundown about the planning upon returning to Bowling Green on Sunday, I concluded by saying, “Let’s just break up.”

I was joking, obviously.

My frustration comes partly from the expense, despite us being as minimal as possible…short of just going to the court house, that is. No dancing. No DJ. No alcohol. No more than a couple hours for a reception. No over-the-top decorations. No fancy-schmancy meal, just good ol’ Kentucky barbecue. No rented venue for the ceremony.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t blame the venues. They have a job and they have expenses they have to meet and they have to keep up in their market, and everyone I’ve talked to so far has been nothing but nice and accommodating. I’ve really enjoyed looking at the venues.

Everyone has told me this moment would come. Everyone, including Cory, has told me not to get carried away and not to forget what the important thing is here.

Just last week, as he and I were discussing decorations and scheduling, etc., he said, “In my mind, the reception isn’t a big deal. It shouldn’t be a big production. It’s the ceremony that matters. That’s the only truly important part.”

Guys, Cory can be totally goofy and make me laugh or roll my eyes, but he can also utter things that are so profound that they make me tear up. This was one of those times.

As my frustration mounted over the weekend, my mom just said, “Remember what Cory said.”

And that’s absolutely right.

I was so sure when I started out on this planning journey that it wouldn’t be difficult for me. Maybe it was difficult and stressful for other people, but not for me. I just knew I was giving myself plenty of time and that the stress would just come in little ripples rather than tidal waves.

I was wrong. This stuff is hard. On top of this, Cory and I plan to have a house at the beginning of the year so he can move in it after his apartment lease runs out. (That’s another post for another time. Suffice it to say that the Bowling Green market stinks.) There are a lot of things happening at once, and that’s really exciting, but that also means that a lot has to be done.

I’m just going to take a breath and power forward. Plenty of people have done it before, and plenty more people will do it in the future.

Anyone have any advice in this department? Any wedding money saving tips? I’m all ears.


4 Replies to “Wedding planning: The search for the reception venue”

  1. Be Careful with that Cory Ramey.
    He seems to have Abusive Needy Narcissistic Tendencies.
    When he is feeling un appreciated, he will Lash Out to Cause emotional Trauma in others.
    He has a Very Strange Need to have People Admiring him, Praising him & giving him Accolades.
    When he has Control over others, he has a tendency to Abuse them with his control, to make himself feel Powerful to wash away some inadequacy he perceives in himself.


    1. I assure you, “John,” I don’t know any Cory “Ramey.” Perhaps if you learned to spell and proofread your writing, I would have a gentler ridicule of your comment. As it stands, I don’t know about whom you’re speaking.

      I am sorry you feel the need to hide behind your keyboard with a pseudonym (that means “fake name” if the three-syllable word is too big for you), because that shows that it is, in fact, you who is the one feeling inadequate.

      I wish you well in your quest for gainful employment, since unemployment is the only reason I can think of that would allow anyone as much time as you seem to have in order to fabricate falsehoods online with poor grammar, punctuation and capitalization.

      I’d like to stick around and say more, “John,” but I simply have no desire to exert anymore energy on your immaturity. I’d rather exert that energy spending time with my loving, caring, funny, sweet, smart, resourceful, motivated, God-fearing, kind-hearted fiance. Rest assured that I will report you to WordPress if you comment on this page again.

      Have a good day, and God bless.


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