New horizons

I have some news…

As of 12:36 a.m.Central time today, this blog following reached 100!


It’s super cool that there are people in literally multiple countries around the globe who have taken the time to read and/or follow my blog. And those of you who offer words of encouragement or just drop in to leave a comment or a Like, I hope you know how much I appreciate it and enjoy interacting with you.

Sooooo, I’ve been thinking… I’ve been fascinated with film/video for as long as I can remember, but the opportunity to cut my teeth on some video projects has never really presented itself. And, admittedly, I’ve lacked the confidence to go out and make my own opportunity.

But a culmination of a couple things has changed that.

My gal over at Beauty Beyond Bones started doing some YouTube videos a while back to complement her blog, and they’ve been awesome and inspiring. I’ll watch her videos and say to myself, “Wow, that’s just so organic and fun! I wish I could do that…”

And there the thought sat in my brain.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago on the blog, Cory and I have gotten onto a Johnny Carson kick lately. Tuesday night, we watched a documentary about Carson’s life, as well as some old clips of the show and David Letterman’s tribute to Carson after his death. The lives Carson touched with his humor, talent and thought-provoking questions to guests…it’s just amazing. There will never be another one like him.

Through watching these Carson videos, I’ve been thinking about my journalism days, and how hearing people’s stories was the best part of the job – and how that’s probably the one thing I truly miss about journalism. I started blogging in earnest a year ago as a means to satisfy that longing to keep that part of journalism I missed in my life. Without regular interviews, though, it was hard to do that.

So here’s my news: I plan to start a YouTube channel soon, mostly comprised of a talk show-esque setup. I’ve got lots of friends with lots of interesting stories – and I’d kind of like to treat them like celebrities for a few minutes.

I’ll still write, and I’ll still spill my thoughts onto the keyboard, but I’d like to experiment with a visual media too. Thanks to Beauty Beyond Bones, thanks to Johnny Carson and thanks to Cory for piquing my interest.

Stay tuned.


13 Replies to “New horizons”

      1. My college roommate and I were thiiiis close to doing a YouTube channel together, but we never did. My other half said he learned from personal experience not to put a video online until I’m sure it’s ready and I don’t look like an idiot unintentionally. I totally plan on making a fool of myself on purpose, though.


      2. Yeah, I already put a series of videos up on YouTube, but without help and a lot of time it is pretty hard. Plus my on camera persona is quite dull. I am way better off writing the show and editing than acting.


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