Just a little encouragement

I won’t talk long today, guys. For one thing, there is too much currently being said in America and very little listening. I’ve been guilty of it myself.

But not today. Today, I just want to give a little encouragement. Let’s begin…

Ice cream is delicious. Go have some today. If you’re not big on ice cream, cake is a remarkable substitute. Either way, you deserve a treat.

You know that stuffed animal/those stuffed animals you’ve kept around since you were a kid? I’ve got some, too. It’s okay to hug them.

You successfully spelled “restaurant” one time. Go, you!

Even when your houseplant died, you had the intent in your heart to keep it alive. A short life doesn’t mean a life lived void of love.

Your hair looks great.

Rock some overalls if you feel like it.

Your mom texts you and calls you because she loves you. Your dad would do the same, but he doesn’t know how to text. Just wanted you to remember they’re crazy about you.

That person who’s mad at you may just need a little nudge of kindness. No one says you have to shower that person with affection, but a little cordiality never hurt anybody.

Sprinkles are like a hundred little presents on cupcakes, oatmeal or a spoon. Use them.

The world needs more puppies and kittens – literally and metaphorically. Don’t grow up to be a jaded cat or a temperamental dog.

God bless you if you keep photos in photo albums and/or picture frames.

You know that one thing on your body that you reeeeeally don’t like? Other people do, and so should you.

Recall that feeling you got that one time you beat that super hard level in that one video game. That was sweet, wasn’t it?

If you feel like writing a poem but don’t think you’re “A Writer,” do it anyway. You got this.

You are not alone in this world, and there will always be bright spots amid suffering.

Someone needs to know you love them – not in a romantic way, and not even in a best-friend-forever way, but in a one-human-to-another-human way. Go show them.


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