No better time than now

You know what we don’t necessarily need? New Year resolutions.

Lots of people still make New Year resolutions, and I have absolutely zero concern about that, because that’s their life and none of my business. And I can understand why people still do it. It’s a new calendar year, so any sort of change can easily be traced back to Jan.1 to evaluate progress; or, along the same lines as rearranging the furniture or getting a new haircut, a mark of a new year puts folks in the mood for more change.

To lose weight. To exercise. To eat healthier. To read more. To spend more time with family. To save more money. To be a better person.

But why do those things have to come with the new year? Why, in 2017, do people still ask if we’ve made any New Year resolutions? Haven’t we figured out by now that every time the moon goes back to bed and the sun comes up is an opportunity for a fresh start, a resolution, if you will? That every time the minute hand on the clock lands on a new number, we have a chance to start over? That in the time it took you to read that sentence was an opening for you to change something about yourself?

I’ve teased my mom over the years because she’s often uttered the phrase, “My diet starts on Monday.” It’s become like a joke between us now because I’ll always ask, “Why Monday? Is something happening on Monday that I don’t know about? Should I be planning something major for Monday?”

We have fun with it, yeah, but the point remains: a designated “beginning” on a calendar doesn’t have to serve as the only time we can have a beginning.

It’s been my experience that the more buildup I place on a new task or change for myself, the more I set myself up for failure, which means more disappointment because I convinced myself beforehand that THIS time was going to be different.

When I finally decided I was going to start blogging more regularly, I think it was a Wednesday. I banged out a piece on Halloween, and posted it up the next day. I had fallen off the writing wagon for a few months, and I wanted to keep myself in practice, and I figured there was no better time than right then. When I decided I needed to stop my excessive eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, I don’t even remember what day of the week it was on, because that wasn’t important. I just knew I needed to change and decided there was no better time than right then.

In the moment, obviously, it was present tense: there’s no better time than right now.

Didn’t psych myself up. Didn’t count the worries or fears. Didn’t bemoan how long it would take to get the results I wanted. I just had to start. I had to go. I had to do it.

*Disclaimer: I don’t recommend this attitude for things, like, starting a business, having a child, joining the military, etc. Sure, there are cases when someone just knows when a big decision is right, but that’s why they’re called “big decisions.” A little prep time is usually good. Anyway…

Maybe my method won’t work for you, and you’re more of a logical-calendar-date planner. That’s cool. Diff’rnt strokes.

Happy New Year, everybody! Prepare yourselves for future wedding posts, as we are now in the Year of Matrimony ❤

Also, check out this hat I won from a Twitter contest from Planet Fitness.


4 Replies to “No better time than now”

  1. Wedding Stuff!! I’m excited 🙂 You make very good points. I was thinking this morning I didn’t set any resolutions. Although I did promise myself to read more, and write more book reviews (three books read, four reviews in so I’m off to a good start). Oh, except for writing. Which I haven’t been doing. Oops.

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    1. I’ve got a post in the works about officially trying on my wedding dress, so that one is coming soon 😉

      January is still young, and you have a whole year to cram in more reading and writing! Sounds like you’re doing well so far 🙂


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