About the Couple

Cory and I met June 30, 2014, and married almost exactly three years later on June 3, 2017.

That’s the short version. If you want to know more, you can keep reading.

Cory began as just another interviewee (albeit a cute one) for me while I was working for the Bowling Green Daily News, but it took less than two weeks for us to go on our first date; lunch at a local favorite, Mariah’s.

Neither of us interested in getting into a serious relationship, we decided to just have fun together, to keep going on dates and even do a little traveling in the area, as that was Cory’s specialty (he had made his way into my newspaper article because he heads a Facebook page known as Map Dot, Kentucky, which highlights small towns and hidden gems of Kentucky). That’s why Cory’s invitation to become “official” about a month after we started seeing each other surprised me.

But I rolled with it.

He surprised me again just before Christmas in 2015 when he gave me a ring.

And I rolled with that too.

Then came assorted stresses with buying a house in January 2017 and planning our wedding, but we stuck it out, and June 3, 2017, couldn’t have been more perfect or more beautiful.

This blog’s title – “The Weight Is Over” – signifies two things: my body image struggles and triumphs that I hope other people can relate to and be inspired by, and the joyous feeling of finally finding your partner after decades of waiting. Cory and I waited a combined 62 years for each other. We each spent days, weeks and months without each other, withstood heartaches and job changes and even a layoff, not knowing that the countdown had begun at our births until the day our paths would cross and stay entwined forever.

Part of this blog’s goal is to highlight the funny, emotional, beautiful, challenging, remarkable thing of marriage – or at least Cory’s and my marriage. Chances are, we’re not much different from any of you.

*Disclaimer: I won’t make any posts that get into any deep, dark, personal aspects of my marriage because I believe that part of a healthy marriage is two people keeping certain issues between themselves as husband and wife. To post about those issues would contradict what I’m trying to do with this blog. So if you’re looking for major drama, I’m afraid you’ll have to keep looking.


~Header photo by Justin Skeens~